09 Feb

     Under the new administration, many proposals have already been made that would change the internet as we know it. Some of those are good, like restoring Net Neutrality, while others seek to hold platforms liable for what anyone posts on a site. While the tone of the internet can often times be harsh and people can be brutal, forcing platforms like Facebook and Twitter to censor users creates an internet of restricted ideas, much like it exists in China or Iran. Both the political Left and Right complained about 'fact checkers' removing posts during the last election but eliminating Section 230 will force those sites to remove any post, stated as opinion or fact, that isn't culturally correct. If the newspapers of the 1800's hadn't been allowed to write about slavery, the world would be drastically different than it is now. If the newspapers of the 1700's hadn't been allowed to gripe about taxes and representation, the United States would still be part of the British Empire. 

     Free speech is the exchange of information. Limiting free speech limits the ability to change. There are already liable laws that corporations and people use to take lawful actions against falsehood. 

     A. G. Barr's insistence that law enforcement didn't have to follow what the Supreme Court ruled, was bad enough. I hope the New Attorney General will halt Barr's 30 year attack on the Bill of Rights. Trumps disbanding of Net Neutrality put the big companies in charge of how fast you get your data, regardless of the speed you pay for. Biden's administration has the chance to fix what Trump broke on the internet.