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Project:  CyderInc Home Cyber-Defense Initiative

Mission: Monitor Home Networks for attacks and malware, and consult with users for remediation in order to prevent personal data from being compromised and prevent home devices from being used in bot-attacks on business and government agencies.

Priority: High

Justification: Home routers and devices, especially IoT devices, are notoriously vulnerable and rarely have security patches applied.

Summary Points:
- CyderInc provides cyber-security using a Network Intrusion Detection Sensor (NIDS) digital device.
- The NDIS may be a netbook or SoC devices, and remains owned by CyderInc.
- The NIDS is monitored and maintained remotely by CyderInc, requiring sparse input after setup.
- The NIDS alerts the user and CyderInc in the event of a network intrusion or malware spreading.
- CyderInc assists in removing the virus/malware if needed.
- The NIDS assists in increasing home network security.

- Help prevent identity theft, asset theft, and monetary loss from cyber attacks.
- Offboarding of network security analysis, saving time.
- Personal consultation for specialized application of security.
- Protect other users and their data on the home network.

Users concerned with identity theft, password loss, online banking interception, and/or monetary loss from cyber attacks can benefit from this service. The Network Intrusion Detection System is supplied by CyderInc. The NIDS listens for incoming attacks, then alerts CyderInc and the User. CyderInc then assists the user in remediating the threat, by helping remove the virus that has already established on their devices, and assisting the user in preventing further attacks. This system is perfect for users of a high net worth, users who don't have the means or technical ability to defend themselves from cyber attacks, or users who have jobs that make them the target of cyber attacks.

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