The cyderinc nids for enterprise networks image
     Your external facing network is constantly under attack. Ports are scanned by script kiddies and advanced persistent threats alike. Hopefully you're using a log aggregator to double check that your defenses match the most common types of attacks that happen. So what can CyderInc do for you?

     Your enterprise also could have data stores that don't face outward and aren't facing constant attempts to login and exfiltrate vast amounts of data. You should be using a log aggregator here as well. If you're not, then our NIDS is right for you. It can tell you what was attempted and from which IP. As a honeypot that replicates many different types of servers, it also can keep hackers busy as they fruitlessly attempt to break into what is not really a server.

     Our NIDS can be fully customized to meet your needs. We will sell it to you for a flat fee, provide a year of support, and let you run it, manage it and make sure it's functioning properly. But in case you don't need ANOTHER device to monitor, we can monitor it for you.

     The CyderInc NIDS only sends data to CyderInc that pertains to the device itself. It does not sniff other network traffic. It does not monitor other network functionality besides itself. Every two hours and at boot, it sends a status file to the CyderCloud that contains function checks, IP addresses, private key information, and uptime. You can even monitor the device using the html server run by the device. It is a python3 server, serving html that requires authentication to view. So it's not likely a bot or malware is going to find true vulnerabilities in its service. But, if the device is compromised, which would be picked up by one of the many security checks, you would know there is probably a live hacker on the other end attempting to do damage. We'll monitor the honeypot and let you know when an incursion occurs, from what IP it came, and what vulnerability they attempted to use to gain access. If a hacker has already compromised a server and is attempting a lateral move, the NIDS records the IP from which the attack came. Since this system has only been in beta testing for the last year, it's unlikely they'd recognize what they're dealing with, though they'd certainly come to the honeypot conclusion when they kept getting stopped.

     Monitored or unmonitored, we can help you secure your enterprise network. The CyderInc NIDS is a valued indicator of compromise on today's digital minefield. Call or email and we'll happily configure our CyderInc NIDS for your wants and needs.