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With the work at home culture booming due to Covid, and the common security problems of home routers, securing the home network must be part of a cyber-security plan, not just for businesses but also for the user. Bots are constantly probing anything with a public IP address looking for vulnerabilities to exploit. Once vulnerabilities are found, the bot can deliver a custom payload to exploit the security hole and compromise the router. If the router is not configured in a secure manner, it can even let bots into your home network resulting in each of your internet attached devices being scanned and potentially exploited.

When you subscribe to CyDeRinc's Home Cyber Defense Initiative, you will receive a small device that has been custom configured to listen for attacks and probes by bots, hackers, viruses and malware. Plug it into power and your internet, and it's ready to go. This device has a small screen that shows you its status, your internet connection status, IP addresses, and the last time it was probed/attacked. Also included in the information is the IP address of where the attack came from, which allows you to know if the attack is from malware on one of your connected devices, or if an attack made it through your router.

The attack information is sent to CyDeRinc, and one of the cyber security consultants will quickly alert you by text, call, or email. The consultant will then assist you in removing the malware, if it came from a device on your network, or in toughening the defenses of your router, if possible, to prevent another incursion.

Also, when you subscribe, CyDeRinc will monitor the function of the intrusion detector and work quickly to make sure it is working at its optimum capabilities. Of course, tech support for the device is also included with the subscription, should you need it. But with its self monitoring capabilities and reporting in to the CyderCloud (TM), we verify it is working correctly.

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These days, it's not good enough for only corporate networks to have cyber defense experts looking out for them. Home networks are highly vulnerable and can be used in attacking other corporate or government networks, not just stealing your account credentials. Whether you ask us to assist you or not, scroll down to our PERSONAL CYBER SECURITY
page to read about steps that you can take to help secure your digital life.

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