20 Apr

"Never let a crisis go to waste" is the saying making its way around the tech blogs these days. While the world and media is focused on Covid19, A.G. Barr has been pushing the EARN IT Act in Congress. The Act, disguised as pornography prevention, means that all internet service providers will have to read your texts and emails to determine if there is any illegal content. This means your provider will have to decrypt any private messages in order to check and see if you're a law abiding citizen or not. For a provider to do this, they can not allow encryption on their network, at least not any encryption they don't already have the key to. If they do not report the illegal activity, they will be heavily fined. 

Besides violating several Amendments in the Bill of Rights, it continues A.G. Barr's philosophy that all people are guilty unless proven innocent. His long standing march against digital privacy rights is well documented. He has stated that if the DoJ is not officially investigating a person, that person has no rights to be protected. His Stalinist approach to the American people and his hatred of the Bill of Rights make me wonder how his long legal career has survived many presidents of both parties. 

In May of 2020, CyDeR will begin offering a secure communication service that does not transmit the text across internet lines. Keep watching this site for updates on availability of this service.

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