26 Aug

     Start with the recognition that the United States Constitution requires a warrant before viewing of Citizens' private communication and you'll understand that A.G. Barr is using Senators as puppets to push his version of Orwell's 1984 on the American Public. His longstanding crusade to capture all transmitted data has not been derailed by Covid 19. In fact, Covid has provided the perfect cover to hide his continuing push to "stop crime before it happens." 

     The Lawful Access to Encrypted Data Act is a travesty against the Bill of Rights such as has never seen before in the United States. It is puzzling to me that Senators Graham, Blackburn and Cotton would allow themselves to be used by Barr to push his evil agenda. The fact is that the LAED Act is so bad that it is recognized as DOA before it even reaches the Senate floor.

     The general consensus of analysts is that this evil quartet is using the LAED Act to make the EARN-IT Act look acceptable. This is like trading melanoma for leukemia--it's better to avoid them both. But instead, this artificially conservative quartet continues to erode the rights written in the constitution. Covid is the perfect cover.