Data Analysis

As you can image, there are many logs kept when running a Network Intrusion Detection Sensor. Operating System logs, NIDS logs, status logs, attack logs, speed logs, and more. All this data is use to support three main goals:

1:      Make sure the CyderInc NIDS system itself doesn't get infected by a virus or malware.

2:     Make sure the NIDS stays functioning and can present fake servers to the attacker.

3:     Make sure the NIDS alerts user and CyderInc experts when it detects an intrusion. 

     For these reasons, the status of the NIDS is uploaded to CyderCloud every one or two hours. Included in the status file is the special public ID key and the IP addresses the NIDS is using for itself and the honeypot.

     CyderInc techs can work on the device from their office using this information. If the status isn't ok, they'll troubleshoot the problem and send a reboot signal, or work on the device remotely to make sure it performs optimally. All this requires, is an internet cable (ethernet RJ45) and power be plugged in.