Specialty Devices just for You!

Enterprise Networks:

     We customize a device to fit your needs. It can be headless, as well as never upload data to CyderCloud if you need to manage it yourself. If this is the case it may be beneficial to purchase one outright, and have CyderInc provide support.

     Perhaps like most enterprise network admins, you don't have the time to manage another device but understand the value we provide. Just like we would for normal users, we can send an email or phone text if we get an alert for your network. 

     Since this device does not capture any packets not intended for it, there would not be any restricted data leaving your network.

High Net Worth Individuals:

     You, more than most, are a target for hackers and cyber criminals seeking to steal trade secrets, swipe back account information, or steal an identity. Using our Network Intrusion Detection Sensor, we can monitor you home network more thoroughly than the standard user might need. We can verify that your network security is what it should be and help cyber-protect you and your family while on your home network. Covid-19 and the war in Ukraine have pushed advanced persistent threats to new levels, and you are a key target. 

Developers/IT Professionals:

     Purchase the subscription for you and we'll provide you with root access to the device, allowing you to turn off the security features and further develop the device (in using root, you accept the responsibility of certifying the device is working properly). Perhaps you specialize in Python or HTML and see where our devices could use improvement. We'll be happy to provide reduced rates after improvements are submitted and reviewed. Security is a collaboration.