Business Networks are Constantly Assailed!

     Whether you're a  small business, a medium sized enterprise, or a large company in need of a Network Intrusion Detection Sensor, the fact is that you are a prime target for malware.

     Do you have a bring-your-own-devices policy? Then you need a specialized NIDS to warn you of the specific dangers you face, and alert you to which devices are bringing viruses to your network. 

    Similarly, the fact is, if you have an internet facing device, that device, whether it be a gateway or a server, will need to defend against over 4000 attacks an hour. Our research has shown that bots swarm when they detect a vulnerability. They spread the IP to other bots that attempt to exploit other vulnerabilities. Our own fake server had more than 4000 attacks per hour before being shutdown.

    Contact CyderInc. for information on our custom programmed Network Intrusion Detection Sensor. It listens on common protocols that represent the most common vulnerabilities.  We will monitor it, ensure its proper function and assist in remediation if necessary. Business plans are customizable by need.