Senators Try Again to Outlaw Online Privacy 2/5/2022

      Former Attorney General Barr made it Justice Department policy to ignore the Fourth Amendment rights of Americans. He famously stated that as long as evidence wasn't intended to be used in court, Law Enforcement did not need to abide by Supreme Court Rulings or the Bill of Rights. Along with the destruction of the Bill of Rights, Barr's other priority was to make online encryption immune to law enforcement. By making up technically absurd terms, like "warrant-proof encryption", he fought to remove privacy from online communications. He wanted law enforcement to have keys to all cryptography to avoid having to get a warrant from a court. In these days when most large providers only require a letter, not even a warrant, Barr's push was simply about lazy law enforcement and by-stepping the 4th Amendment rights of citizens. 

    Now Senators are trying again to destroy your right to due process. The Earn-IT act has reared it's slimy self once again. If you don't want your local law enforcement officers to be able to read everything on your phone  or on your PC, contact your Senators today and tell them to stop this rediculous assault on the 4 Amendment right to due process.