Everyone Needs Personal Network Security!

     With the Corona-19 virus and its variants still rampaging through populations, work from home is here to stay, especially now the businesses know they can save money by not supporting the work environment. 

     But this places the home worker in the cross-hairs of the digital-mobsters who now have easy access to devices that can access their employers network without Enterprise level security. Face it, home routers are some of the most insecure devices on the Internet. When was the last time your updated your router's firmware? Or even worse, has your router's maker ever released a firmware update to fix vulnerabilities? At what level have you set your router's firewall? 

     So what is insecure about our home networks? Considering that all your devices communicate through the router, that puts all your devices at risk. Windows Defender has come a long way in defending the PC and it even monitors your network, but it doesn't inform you if it detects a virus, or malware, or someone trying to hack into your router. Even as Defender has improved, more viruses constantly found that exploit weaknesses in Apple and Android products. Just like your body is supposed to monitor the cells in your blood for intruders, you need something to monitor your home network to let you know if someone is targeting you or to let you know if a virus is trying to spread on your network. 

     Still need convincing? Check out the following  l o n g  lists of vulnerabilities: